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Fire Damage to Kitchen from Frying Pan

Article posted on 29 February 2016

We received a call from a policy holder to say that she had had a fire in her kitchen. This was a 3 bedroom terraced house in East London.

Fire Caused by a Phone Charger

Article posted on 09 February 2016

A client who lives in Birmingham unfortunately experienced a small fire that originated in the front bedroom. Upon investigation, it was found that the fire was caused by a phone charger over heating and catching fire. Fortunately the client was at home and managed to confine the fire to the bedroom.

Fire Damage from an Extractor Fan

Article posted on 14 January 2016

We received an email from a landlord who was away for the Christmas and New Year holiday in Russia. It was regarding a property he owns in Great Yarmouth where there had been a fire in the bathroom.

Water Damage from a Flat Roof

Article posted on 17 December 2015

We recently had a call from a broker asking us to look at a potential claim for one of their clients. The insured had found water under the floor of a first floor flat above a hardware store in Hitchin. About 10 years ago the owners of the shop had built 6 new flats above and behind the shop.

Repairing a Home After Impact Damage

Article posted on 07 December 2015

National Home Repairs received a call from a customer early on a Monday morning, reporting a hit and run incident that had occurred over the weekend. This incident has caused a lot of damage to one end of a 4 bay timber frame garage which is situated on a quiet country lane.

Fire Damage Restoration to a Manufacturing Unit

Article posted on 07 December 2015

A major UK development, manufacturing and distribution company supplying high quality products to the UK and world agricultural market contacted National Home Repairs after a fire broke out.

Burst Water Pipe Repair Following an Escape of Water

Article posted on 03 December 2015

A call was received from a major employer, reporting that a pipe had burst on the top floor of their office accommodation, and it was affecting 3 floors of the building.

Water Coming Through Ceiling from the Flat Above

Article posted on 30 November 2015

Recently several tenants within a block of flats in the Docklands area of London reported water leaking through their ceiling. The escape of water affected multiple tenants and several plumbers had been called to investigate. Unfortunately, they were unable to identify the source of the water leak.

Leak of an Oil Coolant

Article posted on 26 November 2015

Our client is the UK’s leading manufacturer of combustion, industrial, medical and laboratory gas control equipment.

Damage from a Neighbour's Fire

Article posted on 23 November 2015

We were contacted by a home owner in Ware whose property had been damaged due to a fire at their neighbour's house.

Case Studies

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Burst Water Tank
A burst 50 gallon water tank caused mains water to run through a 2 bedroom house undetected for 2 days.

Fire at Estate Agents
A fire caused by a faulty electrical socket in a kitchenette caused extensive smoke damage.

Water Damaged Property
Letting Agents in Hertford asked us to visit one of their landlords property which had been affected by water damage.

Bathroom Water Leak
We had a call from a distressed shop owner who had water coming through her ceiling when she opened up on a Saturday morning.


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