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Repairing a Home After Impact Damage

Article posted on 07 December 2015

The Cause of the Problem

National Home Repairs received a call from a customer early on a Monday morning, reporting a hit and run incident that had occurred over the weekend. The impact had caused a lot of damage to one end of a 4 bay timber frame garage which is situated on a quiet country lane.

What We Did

On arriving at the scene, we inspected the building and were concerned that at least a third of the building would need dismantling and rebuilding, due to the extent of the damage.

We decided to call upon one of our contractors from the Midlands, who is a master craftsman and has worked extensively on timber frame structures. By using his knowledge, experience and skill, it was decided that he would jack up the roof as soon as possible and take away the stress on the lower support timbers, which would minimise the rest of the repair work. Due to the urgency of the situation and to prevent the oak timbers becoming permanently twisted, this work was completed before consent was received from the insurers. We know this decision saved the insurers a significant amount of money, something the loss adjuster agreed with at our meeting the following week.

Once our schedule of works was approved, our specialist contractor from the Midlands returned to complete the work on the structural timbers, the external cladding and finishing works, whilst we called in our local brick layer who rebuilt the base of the wall.

The Outcome

Due to the decision taken by National Home Repairs to call in our specialist craftsman and do some remedial work before receiving authorisation from the insurers, we reduced the insurance company’s bill and carried out the works quickly and efficiently.

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Firstly I would like to thank you and your technicians for your quick response to the ...

CU Woodbridge, Suffolk

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