Fire Damage Repair

We understand how devastating fire damage can be, and how much you want to return to normal. It is important to make sure that property is structurally sound and isn’t going to cause you or your loved ones harm. National Home Repairs are on hand to provide professional advice and support you with a full fire damage restoration programme. 

Fire damage falls into three main categories of burn, smoke, and water damage from extinguishing the fire, National Home Repairs can provide the complete solution.

Steps to take after a fire has damaged your property

National Home Repairs are committed to helping our customers getting back on their feet quickly after fire damage, so we have provided you with a check list of actions after fire has struck your property.

Check with the professionals

It is very important that you always check with the fire services that your property is safe before you re-enter. In some cases your property might be too badly damaged to re-enter.

Who to call

  • Contact family members to check that everyone is safe and that you are okay
  • Call National Home Repairs’ friendly claims team who will manage all your fire restoration work with no cost to you - we can also advise on emergency lodgings

Get hold of a copy of the fire report

A fire report discusses the structure of the property, where and when the fire happened, it contains an incident number and any other specific details about the damage to your property. This report will be needed by your insurance company to file a successful fire damage insurance claim.

Secure your property

Make sure your property is fully secured to prevent further damage from vandalism or theft.

How to reduce the stress of a fire damage insurance claim

Begin a clean-up operation

Getting your property back to normal may take some time, but there are some things that you can do straight away to prevent further damage from smoke (click here to find out how to reduce smoke damage). Some damage requires professional tools to prevent more damage being caused to your property. National Home Repairs’ team of reliable restoration experts and builders have over 40 years of experience in fire damage restoration and we have the professional tools that can restore your property to its pre-incident condition, quickly and with little hassle to you.

Always be prepared

Installing smoke detectors around your house, particularly near high risk areas such as kitchens or near a circuit breaker, is a great way to protect your house from smoke damage. Alerting you to an issue quickly will reduce the chances of a fire or smoke from spreading.

Monitor changes in the weather, which could affect the temperature inside your property. Electrical sockets could over heat in the summer, potentially causing a fire which would emit smoke.

Get everyone involved. Make sure everyone living in your home or inhabiting your business are aware of potential fire hazards such as leaving a charger plugged in overnight or leaving a burning candle unattended.

Case Studies

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Burst Water Tank
A burst 50 gallon water tank caused mains water to run through a 2 bedroom house undetected for 2 days.

Fire at Estate Agents
A fire caused by a faulty electrical socket in a kitchenette caused extensive smoke damage.

Water Damaged Property
Letting Agents in Hertford asked us to visit one of their landlords property which had been affected by water damage.

Bathroom Water Leak
We had a call from a distressed shop owner who had water coming through her ceiling when she opened up on a Saturday morning.


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