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Burst Water Pipe Repair Following an Escape of Water

Article posted on 03 December 2015

A call was received from a major employer, reporting that a pipe had burst on the top floor of their office accommodation, and it was affecting 3 floors of the building.

From taking the initial call to deploying all the necessary equipment, took just 4 hours. This included the initial visit from a National Home Repairs’ technician who conducted the survey within 2 hours.

The Scale of the Problem

With the burst pipe being on the top floor of the office, this meant that the 3 floors below were affected and over 300 staff having to be relocated whilst the work was concluded.

Action Taken

Once the survey had been concluded, National Home Repairs deployed their specialist equipment with utmost urgency. This included a restoration trailer speed drying system, 14 air movers, 2 desiccants and 3 portable speed dryers, in order to create the perfect drying conditions to speed dry the property. Regular monitoring of the drying process was completed both remotely and on site.

By creating the perfect drying environment all 3 floors were able to be fully dried within only 6 days. This would have taken approx. 3-4 weeks using conventional dehumidifiers.

The Outcome

The company’s staff were relocated for 6 days and returned to their offices within the week.

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