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Water Coming Through Ceiling from the Flat Above

Article posted on 30 November 2015

Recently several tenants within a block of flats in the Docklands area of London reported water leaking through their ceiling. The escape of water affected multiple tenants and several plumbers had been called to investigate. Unfortunately, they were unable to identify the source of the water leak.

The block management company found National Home Repairs, and after a brief call, National Home Repairs sent an expert to investigate the damage to the flats.

Finding the Source of the Leak

Unfortunately for the tenants, the leak was not contained to their ceilings, signs of water damage had begun to show on walls and floors.

National Home Repairs arranged for a specialist trace and access team to visit each flat within the block. Our water seeking technology traced the source of the leak to a leaking washing machine from a top floor flat. The washing machine's waste pipe was damaged and was leaking into a service shaft within the block, causing water to appear in multiple flats.

Fixing the damage

Once the water leak to the top floor flat had been repaired, National Home Repairs quickly set about installing drying equipment in the other affected flats. We commenced talks with the insurers of the flats, negotiating repairs and agreed a scope of works.

Repair works then commenced, with each flat dry, we organised for the replacement of plasterboard ceilings, wooded floors and redecoration of the flats to restore them to their pre-loss condition.

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