Leak Detection, Trace & Access

Water leak detection company

State of the art leak detection technology

We will locate any type of water leak or source of damp in your property. We use the most reliable non-destructive methods available, including the following: –

  • Thermal image camera surveys
  • Tracer gas surveys (central heating systems in particular)
  • Highly sensitive acoustic tests
  • Moisture meter readings
  • Borescope cameras
  • Salts analysis
  • Flood and flow tests with tracer dye

Fast Response
We aim to be with you within 24 hours to start leak detection (subject to availability).

Non Invasive
Much of our equipment is non invasive to minimise damage to your home.

Transparent Costs
We offer a fixed leak detection fee at time of booking from £450 + VAT depending on location.

Leak Repair
In addition to detecting your water leak we can also offer you a repair service

Why is it important to discover a leak early?

In the early stages the damage from a leak may be minimal. But over time more and more damage will be done and some of it may not be immediately obvious. Your insurance company may argue against repairing all of the damage caused by a leak if they feel you have not taken action quickly enough to reduce the damage!

Is leak detection covered by my insurance?

If you have what is known as  in your policy, you may be covered for our leak detection service.

However it is very important that you try and find the source of a leak quickly! See the “Why is it important to discover a leak early?” section above.

How to find a water leak

This section will provide you with handy tips on how to find a water leak in your property to prevent water damage.

Case Studies

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Burst Water Tank
A burst 50 gallon water tank caused mains water to run through a 2 bedroom house undetected for 2 days.

Fire at Estate Agents
A fire caused by a faulty electrical socket in a kitchenette caused extensive smoke damage.

Water Damaged Property
Letting Agents in Hertford asked us to visit one of their landlords property which had been affected by water damage.

Bathroom Water Leak
We had a call from a distressed shop owner who had water coming through her ceiling when she opened up on a Saturday morning.


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