Trace and Access

Trace and access water leak detection

What is trace and access? What is trace and access cover?

Trace and access refers to the detection and uncovering of a leak in the home. It is usually part of a home insurance buildings policy but is not included on every policy as standard.

Although trace and access cover in your policy will cover the cost of finding the location of a leaking pipe, it does not cover the cost of repairing the leak.

Key points

Trace and access cover won’t always be included as standard on home insurance. When included levels of cover can vary usually between £3,000 - £5,000.

It can pay for finding and uncovering leaking pipes, and repairing the damage caused by accessing them.

Find a water leak is very important. Not only will it reduce the damage to your home, but your insurance company may dispute your claim to repair your home if they feel you have not acted quickly enough.

In most cases your insurance company will only cover the cost in finding your leak if you have a trace and access clause in your policy.

If you have trace and access as part of your home insurance policy then your insurance company may cover the cost of finding your leak. If you do not have trace and access in your policy, you may have to incur this expense yourself.

Either way it is critical you find the source of your water leak quickly. National Home Repairs' advanced thermal imaging leak detection technology can locate even the most hidden leaks within your home!

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