How to protect your home from water damage

Water damage from a burst pipe, flooding or storm damage can cause devastation to your home or business, which is why here at National Home Repairs we have developed a step-by-step guide to help you to protect property from any future damage.

Check for water leaks

Even small water leaks over time can cause a huge amount of damage to your property and possessions. Check for leaks regularly to avoid water spreading.

Check out our handy ‘how to find a water leak’ guide for more information on leak detection.

Roof and guttering

Keep your roof in good condition by repairing any broken tiles or replacing any tiles that have been blown off during storm damage, to ensure water is not able to get into your property.

Regularly check guttering to keep it clean and free of fallen leaves, so that water doesn’t become blocked or overflow.

Check windows and doors

If there is a water stain around windows or at the bottom of exteriors doors this could be a sign that water is getting in from outside. Seal all windows and doors tightly to prevent water leaks and replace any missing or damaged fastenings or screws.

Maintain appliances and fittings

You might not know how you would cope without your washing machine or dishwasher, but these appliances can be responsible for causing significant water damage if they spring a leak or become blocked. Regularly inspect and maintain your appliances and fittings to prevent future property damage.

Know how to turn off the water mains

If a pipe bursts in your property, it is helpful to know how to turn off the main water supply to prevent extreme water damage. In most situations turning off the water mains will stop the flow of water.

Case Studies

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Burst Water Tank
A burst 50 gallon water tank caused mains water to run through a 2 bedroom house undetected for 2 days.

Fire at Estate Agents
A fire caused by a faulty electrical socket in a kitchenette caused extensive smoke damage.

Water Damaged Property
Letting Agents in Hertford asked us to visit one of their landlords property which had been affected by water damage.

Bathroom Water Leak
We had a call from a distressed shop owner who had water coming through her ceiling when she opened up on a Saturday morning.


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Having suffered a very large water damage claim in our house in late December National Home ...

Steve Stubbs

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