How to stabilise your home after an impact

Impact damage can come as quite a shock for property owners and is not normally something that you can plan for. Contact National Home Repairs as soon as you have suffered impact damage, in case hidden structural damage has been caused to your property that needs to be assessed by a structural engineer. For example, you may begin to notice that doors and windows don’t open or close properly.

The sooner any structural damage has been identified the sooner the National Home Repairs' team can restore your property to its pre-incident condition, making sure it is safe to inhabit.

It is important to remember that impact damage can cause damage to your home that you can’t see, so don’t try and repair it yourself. Call our impact damage specialists on 0844 906 0060 and we will send an expert to assess the damage caused by the impact.

What are the causes of impact damage?

The main cause of impact damage to properties is vehicle impact. Usually this type of impact would result in the vehicle being damaged to the point of it not being usable; however if a vehicle hits a boundary wall and is able to drive away, try to get as many details as possible for your impact damage insurance claim. Neighbours may have seen the impact, so it is worth talking to them.

Fallen trees or debris as the result of a storm can cause impact damage to your property, damaging roofs and windows.

Shared items that suffer impact damage

If the source of the impact damage is a shared item, such as a shared wall or fence then it may require co-operation between the affected parties and insurance companies. This can be complicated, so speak with one of our insurance claims specialists who can advise you as to the best course of action.

Impact damage insurance claims with minimal hassle

Case Studies

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