Case Studies - Tidal Surge Damage

Cause -

In early December a homeowner in Rhyl, North Wales was away from home when there was a sea surge. When she returned home, the flood water had receded and she could only observe the residual damage. The homeowner reported the incident to her insurance company who treated it as a small claim and therefore attempted to manage it by correspondence only. No one was sent to inspect the damage. The home owner was worried and dissatisfied with the service and level of commitment she was receiving from her insurance company so she called National Home Repairs.

Outcome -

National Home Repairs responded immediately and called at a pre-arranged convenient time to conduct a full survey. Using specialised moisture level reading equipment it was apparent that the scale of the damage was far more than what was visible to the naked eye. The home owner was happy to instruct National Home Repairs to act on her behalf.

A scope and schedule of works was prepared and submitted to the insurance company. The insurance company responded by appointing a Loss Adjuster who met with the National Home Repair surveyor at the residence and the best possible outcome for the home owner was agreed.

The home owner is now living in rented accommodation (funded as part of the claim) while her house is dried out and completely renovated. She is very grateful and happy with the service she received from National Home Repairs.

Tidal Surge Damage